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Edit and create your own short films

Ever fancy making your own film but don't have the patience to learn the major editing packages such as Adobe Premiere and Final Cut?

Then Auto Movie Creator converts you into Steven Spielberg but without the hours spent learning how to cut and splice and render videos that most video editing packages require. In fact, the program does much of the work for you via the editing wizard which is effectively your Assistant Director. It takes you logically and slowly through every step holding your hand as you go from capturing video to outputting it in a format that's suitable for your needs. One of the most time-consuming parts of editing is going through the footage to see which parts you need to take out. Auto Movie Creator even does this for you simply by selecting "Detect Scenes" and the program automatically scans your footage for the best quality shots. It also allows you to add professional style effects such as dissolves and fades simply by dragging and dropping them into the timeline. You can also add photos and other images into your video to give them a more personal touch.

Auto Movie Creator feels more like a photo editing package than a video editor but this is the key behind it's appeal - it requires absolutely no prior editing knowledge and is simple enough for even the most amateur of video makers.

Let Auto Movie Creator take all the obstacles out of video editing! Have fun and be creative: let the program take care of the technical parts.

With the built-in Assistant Director wizard, you don't need to spend any time learning to use the program—it advises you every step of the way as you make your masterpiece. Another big time saver is automated scene detection. Instead of carefully looking through all your video footage and splitting it into scenes to edit, just select Detect Scenes and let Auto Movie Creator do all that work for you.


  • Uses a wizard to take you though the editing process
  • Very easy to use
  • Produces professional looking results


  • Doesn't have advanced editing options
  • Doesn't give you many compression options

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Auto Movie Creator


Auto Movie Creator 3.26 for PC

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  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Auto movie creator stucked.
    I just bought auto movie creator, media plyer not work, auto movie creator stucked, couldn't make movMore

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